Hello, we’re Peyton and Joy.

We’re two friends who love Jesus and love prayer.

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We’ve both experienced times in our lives when we’ve struggled to pray, and times when we’ve felt such strength in prayer. We’ve seen God’s grace touch our lives, and we want to share that grace here. Our heart is that you will find encouragement here to grow in prayer with the One who made you, loves you, and sustains you.

Meet Peyton

  • Hi, y’all! I am Peyton! I enjoy reading, writing, and studying about Yahweh’s Word! It is always a blessing to learn something new about the Bible! One of my favorite things to do is to encourage others. Whether it’s an older lady or a little girl, it makes me smile to see someone encouraged! In my personal life, I have completed a history degree through Lumerit and have some amazing ideas for how to spend my life post-graduation! For now, I am planning to move to Washington DC and serve as an intern.  There is always something exciting going on in my life!

Meet Joy

  • Hi there, I’m Joy. I’m a sinner saved by grace who’s learning day by day what it means to walk by faith. I love thinking deeply and laughing like crazy–living life intentionally and joyfully for the glory of God. As a wife and a stay-at-home mom, I try to balance a busy and blessed life. You can find me at Blog of Joy, Cherry Tree Poet, Piano with Joy, and YouTube.

How Sisters on Our Knees began

In the summer of 2013, we met at the Summit Worldview Conference in Dayton, Tennessee. Since we live in different states, we weren’t able to see each other often, but kept in touch periodically through email. In 2015, we saw each other again and started to connect more than ever as we shared what God was doing in our lives. In the summer of 2016, we began praying on the phone every Saturday morning for our nation, communities, friends, families, and whatever else the Lord put on our hearts. After praying together for several months, we felt led to start this blog as an encouragement to other sisters in Christ. With much excitement and prayer, we launched Sisters on Our Knees in the fall of 2016.

Guest Writers

  • Amy Grace is a young lady with a passion for writing poetry to her beloved Savior. You can find her blogging at In Sun or Rain.



  • Katie is a young woman who loves God and seeks to love Him more. God has been very real to Katie through challenges and victories, hard times and easy times, sickness, and health. She feels a vivid desire to help others who have struggled or who are going through struggles, to share the knowledge God has provided her. She wishes to share the message of a God Who redeems the hard times in our lives, Who turns the pain into beauty, Who takes the weak and upholds them in His grace. You can email her at thezebras91@gmail.com


  • Sarah Fernandes Wawginiaks is a highschool homeschooler who worships the all-mighty God, loves her family, and despite the myths about socializing, has great friends. She loves reading good books, like the ones written by Janette Oke.


  • Sydney is a 17-year-old female Floridian homeschooled-since-birth saved from an eternity in hell by Yeshua’s death on the cross. She’s a fighter for truth and free speech, even if she disagrees with what it is used for. She is a lover of the Bible, people, birding, spiders, chess, superheroes, physics, math, libraries, music, worshipping, the Oxford comma, proper capitalization, proper punctuation, proper spelling, and photography. You can find her blogging at: Squid’s Cup of Tea


  • Faith is a thirteen-year-old writer who loves her Savior most ardently. She enjoys sharing her love and teaching good lessons through her writing. You can find more of her work at StoriesOfFaithBlog.com

We’d love to hear from you!

Sisters on our Knees is a joint effort by like-minded ladies around the world (here is our statement of faith). If you would like to write an article or share a testimony to be featured on the blog please contact Joy at: sistersonourknees@gmail.com

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