Theme of the Month: A Different Approach to Praying for Your Future Husband

Have you ever prayed for your future husband? Does the idea fill you with excitement or confusion?

Praying for my future husband is something that I did here and there over the years, but about a year and half ago, I got more serious about it.

I’d stumbled across a 31-day prayer guide for praying for my future husband, and after sharing it with friends, I started to pray more consistently for him and keeping a journal with the prayers. It was an amazing experience.

I started to realize that my prayers sounded like I was asking for a perfect man. That was a problem. I knew in my heart he could never be all these things that I was praying for him to be. He’s going to fail at times, just like me, and he will need God’s grace.

A husband and wife are meant to live life as one. They’re meant to support one another in their respective roles and to be knit together in God’s love. Here I was praying for my future husband to exhibit the many characteristics of a godly man, but did I have the characteristics of a godly woman?

My future husband isn’t the only one who needs prayer. I do too!

A slight change happened. Instead of praying, “Help him to be patient and trust your timing,” I started praying, “God, help us to be patient and trust your timing.” It took the focus off my future husband, and made it all about what God is doing in us.

Prayer isn’t a formula, and neither is the future. It’s all a step of faith.

This printable shares a prompt for each day this month. I hope this inspires you to get more personal in your prayers for yourself and your future husband. If you’re already married, these are ideas of how to pray for your single friends.

Click for printable PDF: Prayers for You and Your Future Husband

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Hello, we're Peyton and Joy. We're two friends who love Jesus and have a passion for prayer. We've both experienced times in our lives when we've struggled to pray, and times when we've felt such strength in prayer. We've seen God's grace touch our lives, and we want to share that grace here.


  1. I have to tell you, this came in perfect timing! The day before you posted this, Mom and I were discussing (and chuckling over) prayers for my future husband. While Mom’s prayers for my future husband are usually very detailed and precise, mine is almost always a vague “essentials list” smashed into a single breath. I really like your list of specific prayers that focus on growth for both parties, rather than a wishlist of desired qualities! There have been other posts, too, that have spoken to me exactly what I needed when I needed it (like the November Thankfulness challenge shortly before my mom spent four days in the hospital). God is good!

    1. Dear Sarah, thank you for sharing. I am so glad that this post came at just the right time for you! Peyton and I pray that the posts on this blog will be an encouragement to the right people, and it’s wonderful to hear this testimony of answered prayer.

      God bless you my sister in Christ!

      ~ Joy

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