Someone is Praying for Me (a prayer poem)

Sharing with us this week is a sweet sister in Christ, Odelia Chan (you can check out her blog here). Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem, Odelia!

When doubts and fears cloud the way:
And I watch, helpless, as dreams slip away;
On nights when I think, “I’ve wasted another day”
I remember—someone is praying for me.

Days when I felt lost without pen or paper,
Reached out to a friend, and –for me –she wasn’t there
All alone, and suddenly feeling  God’s presence here
And I know why—someone is praying for me.

(originally posted on Odelia’s Blog.)

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Hello, we're Peyton and Joy. We're two friends who love Jesus and have a passion for prayer. We've both experienced times in our lives when we've struggled to pray, and times when we've felt such strength in prayer. We've seen God's grace touch our lives, and we want to share that grace here.


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