Don’t Give Up on the Miracle

Is there something you’ve been praying about for a long time, and still there seems to be no answer?

Is there someone you’re interceding for, and still there’s no change?

We know the hard truth–not every prayer we pray is answered the way we anticipate.

God isn’t a genie. He has a mind of His own. And thankfully His mind is the smartest and wisest. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and able to do more than we can ask or think.

For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways
And My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

What is the vastness of outer space, compared to this tiny earth? That’s the vast difference between God’s thoughts and ours. His are higher. And yet He reveals His thoughts to us through His Word and through His Spirit day by day.

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

The beautiful truth is that Yahweh is not only powerful, He’s also loving–so very loving.

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Your righteousness is like the highest mountains, your justice like the great deep. You, Lord, preserve both people and animals. How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings. They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights. For with you is the fountain of life;  in your light we see light. (Psalm 36:5-9)

His desire is for life, for healing, for restoration.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. (John 10:10)

In this world tainted by sin, He has mercy on His children and performs miracles. He does the impossible.

I don’t have the answer for why your prayer hasn’t been answered yet, but I do know one thing:

Just. Keep. Praying.

Keep trusting in His goodness, keep clinging to His promises.

Our God still works miracles.

May this song encourage you today…

Have you stopped reaching?
No longer seeking greater things
Have you forgotten you have a father listening?
He tells the sun when to rise
Gives the wind its breath
Swings a door wide open and moves in a moment you least expect

Don’t you give up on a miracle
You’ve got to speak the impossible 
You’ve got to pray till your breakthrough breaks through the ceiling keep on believing 
Don’t you give up 
Don’t you give upon a miracle
~ “Miracle” by Unspoken

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Hello, we're Peyton and Joy. We're two friends who love Jesus and have a passion for prayer. We've both experienced times in our lives when we've struggled to pray, and times when we've felt such strength in prayer. We've seen God's grace touch our lives, and we want to share that grace here.

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