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We are Peyton and Joy–two friends and sisters in Messiah who have a passion for prayer.

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Our hope is that you will find encouragement here to pray without ceasing and to cast your cares upon the only One who can–and will!–sustain you (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

And in case this video didn’t convince you that we’re terrible at making videos, here’s the Bloopers. Ha ha ha! 🙂

  • Peyton Holliday lives in Mississippi with her family. She desires to follow her LORD and Savior Jesus Christ with all of her heart. Praying for the USA and leading others to pray are two ways that she can make a difference in the world. When she is not praying or reading her Bible, she can be found playing piano, sewing, and writing her many pen-pals across the nation. Peyton loves to hear from like-minded young ladies, so feel free to email sistersonourknees@gmail.com with any prayer requests. “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” Corrie Ten Boom
  • Joy is a homeschool graduate and the third of seven children. She loves people, music, Israel, babysitting, writing, noticing the beautiful things in life, and smiling (to list a few), but most of all she loves her heavenly Father who is her one sure hope. You can also find her at Blog of Joy, Cherry Tree Poet, Piano with Joy, and YouTube.


In the summer of 2013, we met at the Summit Worldview Conference in Dayton, Tennessee. Since we live in different states, we weren’t able to see each other often, but kept in touch periodically through email. In 2015, we saw each other again and started to connect more than ever as we shared what God was doing in our lives. In the summer of 2016, we began praying on the phone every Saturday morning for our nation, communities, friends, families, and whatever else the Lord put on our hearts. After praying together for several months, we felt led to start this blog as an encouragement to other sisters in Messiah. With much excitement and prayer, we launched Sisters on Our Knees in the fall of 2016.


  • Amy Grace is a homeschool student with a passion for writing poetry to her beloved Savior. You can find her blogging at In Sun or Rain.
  • Katie is a young woman who loves God and seeks to love Him more. God has been very real to Katie through challenges and victories, hard times and easy times, sickness, and health. She feels a vivid desire to help others who have struggled or who are going through struggles, to share the knowledge God has provided her. She wishes to share the message of a God Who redeems the hard times in our lives, Who turns the pain into beauty, Who takes the weak and upholds them in His grace. You can email her at thezebras91@gmail.com or check out her family’s ministry website www.SearchingForZebras.com

Sisters on our Knees is a joint effort by like-minded ladies around the world (here is our statement of faith). If you feel led to write a blog post about prayer, share prayer prompts, or give a testimony of prayer, please contact us at:


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