Warrior Wednesday: George Müller (1805-1898)

This is the first post in a new series we’re starting called “Warrior Wednesday.” With each post we’ll highlight a prayer warrior from history or present day, to inspire one another.

The children clamored to the table as they usually did.

Shouts were heard and smiles glistened across faces. George Müller sat at the head of the table, waiting for the children to arrive. As they came to the table, he saw their faces. Each child was expecting a meal and something to fill their tummies.

But that day, there was no food.

Nothing at all to choose from. No cereal, no fruit, no bread. Each child took their seat and looked over at Mr. Müller. He smiled back at them and waited for all the seats to be filled. As each child filed in, they began to realize that there was nothing on the table.

Once the room was full of hungry children, Mr. Müller folded his hands and began to pray.

His prayer for the meal filled the room. All the children bowed their heads in respect of Mr. Müller’s prayer. After not having food on the table, they were surprised to hear him thank the Lord for the food. What food was there to be thankful for?

As soon as Mr. Müller finished his prayer, a knock came at the door.

The children looked at Mr. Müller and watched him as he went to the door. There on the doorstep stood the milkman. His cart had broken down and his milk would spoil in the hot sun, so he wondered if Mr. Müller could use it. Of course! Mr. Müller could use that milk! What an answer to a prayer.

The story of Mr. Müller shows the power of Yahweh at work for us to see.

When we pray, we should have the faith of a child and know that Yahweh will work through the difficult times in our lives. What a blessing to have the example of Mr Müller set before us!

If you want to read more about George Müller, check out his autobiography here!

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  1. Wow! How inspiring! I hadn’t heard of George Muller before. This was really inspiring and I really enjoyed it! 😀

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