Keeping a Prayer Journal

Keeping a prayer journal is a wonderful way to remember prayer requests and to build a prayer strategy.

As far as choosing a notebook, I’ve found that a three-ring binder is a great option. I’ve used a regular notebook for a prayer journal if it’s only focused on one subject, but when it comes to a book with multiple prayer requests, a three-ring binder is excellent for organization.

Benefits of using a three-ring binder:

  1. You can rearrange the pages as desired. (If you fill a sheet of paper with prayers for a certain person, you can move a blank page to the next spot and keep writing.)
  2. You can add prayer guides that you’ve printed online. Simply hole-punch them.
  3. You can store pictures of people to pray for in the pockets on the inside of the binder.

Writing down prayers definitely has it’s benefits. It can help you remember what you’ve prayed and when you’ve prayed (if you write down the date). And as you mark the prayers that the Father has answered in His mighty way, it turns into a wonderful testimony of His faithfulness.

Here is a fictional sample that I’ve written as an example to get your creativity flowing:

Keeping a Prayer Journal

Have you ever kept a prayer journal? What are some tips you’d like to share?

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